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Friday, April 07, 2006

News Flash

Cooking Chicken Kills Bird Flu Virus
A government panel advises cooking chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees in order to destroy viruses and bacteria that may be contained in poultry. "It's not in response directly to avian influenza, but so many people right now are concerned about bird flu and wonder if poultry will be safe to eat," said Richard Raymond, the Centers' for Disease Control and Prevention undersecretary for food safety.
Stay Skinny, Stay Young?
Researchers have shown that people who follow a strict low-calorie diet--consuming as little as 890 calories a day-- can decrease DNA damage linked with aging. Calorie restriction also slowed their metabolism, and decreased insulin levels, factors thought to be associated with longevity. The findings are preliminary and longer-term research is needed to determine whether such changes can meaningfully extend people's lives.
Hygiene Hypothesis' Holds True for Tots: Study
The "hygiene hypothesis" holds that when babies are exposed to germs, it helps them to fight allergies and asthma later in life. Indeed, some experts believe that too much cleanliness might be a contributing factor to the dramatic increase in allergy sufferers. In a recent study, Dr. Dennis Ownby at the Medical College of Georgia found that babies in households with multiple pets have fewer allergies at age 6 or 7 not just to animals, but also to ragweed, grass, and dust mites. And while studies of babies in day care have found these children to have more infections early in life, they have fewer allergies and less wheezing as they age than do their peers, Dr. Ownby said.
Tips on Eating Before Exercising
Past studies have shown that exercising on an empty tank does burn slightly more calories, but because people become fatigued faster their workouts tend to be shorter. Other experts point out that the practice lowers blood pressure, causing ravenous hunger that would lead most people to eat more that they would otherwise. Recommendation? A small piece of fruit will provide just enough energy for a more intense workout.



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