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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ultrasound method may supplant biopsies (AP)

This undated photo released by Siemens Medical Solutions shows a technician looking at images from an experimental form of ultrasound called 'elastography' that shows promise in helping doctors tell the difference between harmless breast lumps and cancer quickly and without an invasive biopsy and it may one day be used to rapidly diagnose damaged hearts and to guide treatment of prostate cancer. The technique which accurately predicted whether breast lesions were malignant or benign in a small study of 80 women was reported at the Nov. 2006 national radiology meeting in Chicago. (AP Photo/Siemens Medical Solutions)AP - An experimental ultrasound technique that measures how easily breast lumps compress and bounce back could enable doctors to determine instantly whether a woman has cancer or not — without having to do a biopsy.


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